Swimming; A Year Round Sport


If you are looking for a sport to partake in that can be played year round, is incredibly good for the body and poses no risk in the form of injury or stress on the body, look no further than the sport of swimming. Swimming is perhaps the only sport that literally has no impact on the joints, yet may be the single best for of cardio in the world. The fact of the matter is that swimmers attain some of the most well defined bodies out of any athletes, due to the fact that swimming works out just about every single muscle in the body.

Many people get out and run or jog for their exercise routine, but this puts a huge amount of stress on the joints; especially the knees, which can wear down over time and lead to serious injuries that can be very debilitating to an athlete. However, swimming does not pose these risks. Another great thing about the sport of swimming is the fact that although you can join a swim team and there is a huge team-like atmosphere that is involved, the reality is that you truly get to pick the fruits of your own labor, as your own success comes down to how hard you individually worked. This is very advantageous over a sport such as football, baseball, or basketball, as the work success that a person experiences comes down to how hard that they worked themselves.

You might think that you need to live in an area that is fairly warm to swim year round, but the fact is there are indoor pools that are prevalent in almost all high schools around the country as well as organizations such as the YMCA. Swimming is one of the most popular sports that high schools care about teaching their kids when it comes to physical education. Furthermore, just about every city has swimming facilities that are indoors, even in areas where you might think it would be borderline whether it was necessary to have a pool indoors or not. The bottom line is, there is flat out no other sport that can come close to the health benefits that swimming provides, as well as the small risk of injury. Almost every other sport has at least some type of inherent risk of injury but with swimming, you are dealing with an environment and an activity that pretty much avoids all possibilities of injury.…